Fermilab Associate Scientist Close Date: 06/30/2017

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Fermilab Associate Scientist Close Date: 06/30/2017

Post by Veronica V on Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:04 pm

As a member of the Magnet Systems Department of the Technical Division the successful candidate will have a key role in the demonstration, fabrication, test and analysis of the Q1 and Q3 cryo-assemblies for the Inner Triplet of the High Luminosity LHC, within the HL-LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project (HL-LHC-AUP).

The successful candidate will also conduct R&D in support of Fermilab’s superconducting magnet programs including collider ring dipoles and quadrupoles for LHC upgrades and future high-energy accelerators.

Respects, understands and values individual differences that embody the principles of diversity.

Abide by all environment, safety, and health regulations.

Summary of Responsibilities

Taking the role of HL-LHC-AUP Magnets L2 deputy, support the HL-LHC-AUP Magnets L2 in:

leading the Q1 and Q3 fabrication, test, analysis, and delivering to CERN,

coordinating activities and project advance among HL-LHC-AUP labs,

developing and reviewing project documentation,

monitoring and steering project status using EVMS tools.

Under the guidance of experienced scientists conduct R&D in support of the Fermilab state-of-the-art superconducting magnet program with emphasis on the magnetic, thermal, mechanical and quench design and analysis of the test results.

Develop research interests that are aligned with Fermilab magnet program.

Propose and execute R&D activities in the area of accelerator physics and accelerator technology related to the overall mission of the Laboratory.

Participate in relevant conferences, workshops and meetings.

Publish research results in referenced journals.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Demonstrated ability to carry out independent research and/or project leadership

Ph.D. in Physics, Magnet Technology or equivalent degree in a closely related field;

2+ years of post-doc experience, preferably in superconducting magnet development.

Good oral and written communication skills.

Preferred Qualification

In addition to the above, candidates must possess the following to be considered highly qualified for the position. Applicants must describe how they meet the following preferred competencies in their application materials.

Practical experience with accelerator magnet design, analysis, fabrication and test.

Working knowledge of finite element modeling tools for magnetic, mechanical and thermal analysis, is highly desirable.

Experience in Nb3Sn superconducting magnet technology is desirable.

Application Instructions

Interested candidates should submit via Academic Jobs Online: 1) Curriculum Vitae, 2) Publication List, 3) Research Statement, and 4) Three or More Reference Letters (to be submitted by the reference writers at the AJO site).


For general information about this position, please contact George Velev via email at velev@fnal.gov.

Physical Activity and Work Conditions

HUMAN FACTORS: Mental Concentration, Sitting, Standing, and Visually Demanding

PHYSICAL FACTORS: Cryogens and High Magnetic Field


There is no legal requirement that Fermilab sponsor an employee for U.S. permanent residence. As a result, Fermilab will make the decision to sponsor an employee on a case-by-case basis. Fermilab will consider the following factors, among others, when determining whether to sponsor an employee for U.S. permanent residence: performance, length of service, long-term need for the position, and cost.
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